Thursday, July 3, 2008

Start condor on boot with Mac OS X

Once you have condor running on your clients you will want it to load by default when booting. The condor distribution includes linux-based startup scripts, however there are none for the mac. Looking through the mailing list there is a suggestion of scripts to use, but they use Panther (10.3) based technologies, not recommended in Tiger (10.4) and not available in Leopard (10.5).

Delving a bit further I found another way to start condor by using cron.

Create a script to start condor: sudo vim /usr/sbin/start_condor

Enter these contents, and customise to your installation:
# Ensure network is all setup
sleep 100

# Ensure condor environment is loaded
source /opt/condor/

# Start condor

Our condor installation is actually stored on an NFS drive, so the 100 second sleep is to ensure the NFS drives have mounted before the rest of this script runs. I handle the path settings for
$CONDOR_CONFIG, $PATH & $MANPATH in a separate script (, alternatively you could specifiy $CONDOR_CONFIG in this script.

Tell cron about your script, and that it should be run on boot:
sudo echo "@reboot root /usr/sbin/start_condor" >> /etc/crontab
I have the condor daemons run as root, hence the root user mentioned in this crontab entry.

Test the script by running direct from the command-line first, if it runs then you should have trouble when rebooting.