Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Condor 7.1.1 supported ports

The development series for condor is dropping support for several platforms from 7.1.1 onwards:
  1. Red Hat 9 (Suitable for openSUSE 10.x)
  2. Solaris 5.8
  3. Mac OS X PowerPC
RHEL 3 binaries should be fine for any Red Hat system (and presumably CentOS). Solaris 5.8 users can use the 5.9 binaries.

It should be noted they are continuing these ports for the current stable series (7.0.x).

Unfortunately the RHEL 3 binaries do not work on openSUSE 10.x (well they run but give Shadow exceptions if you try to do anything useful - like run a job!). Looks like a case to compile from source...

UPDATE: Condor 7.1.1 has been pulled due to numerous problems, look out for 7.1.2.