Friday, May 1, 2009

Eclipse with Java/OEChem - Check out Java in Action

Following up from a previous post, here I present the settings required to get Eclipse running with the OEChem Java wrapper.

Make sure you have Eclipse and and working OpenEye installation setup and running first.

  1. Create a regular Java Project
  2. Configure your build path to add:
  3. a) Under sources add a linked source $OE_DIR/java/libs
  4. b) Under libraries add external jars, $OE_DIR/java/*.jar (add them all)
  5. Run your OEChem program, if you get license errors edit the run configuration; under environment add OE_LICENSE, with $OE_DIR/etc/oe_license.txt; OE_HOME with $OE_DIR and OEJAVA with $OE_DIR/java

Obviously substitute $OE_DIR with your actual absolute file path.

Now Eclipse's CDT can be used to use the C++ toolkit direct, so I'll post that - once I've started to use it!