Monday, September 22, 2008

Install and setup subversion

We use the popular successor of CVS for our version control, subversion. It is ideal to hold our various projects. In addition to excellent command-line tools it has integration with Eclipse through Subclipse or Subversive and web-based repository viewers, like ViewVC.

Mac OS X
Binary installs are now available from here. Alternatively download from MacPorts or Fink.


You can grab subversion from YaST, but you may not be able to get 1.5 (only 1.4 if using 10.x), thankfully installing the source is very straight forward. Get both the subversion source and dependencies (subversion-deps). Decompress both and run ./configure;make;make install as root. An additional quirk we found on 64-bit openSUSE was that neon must be compiled first:
cd neon
./configure --enable-shared
make install
Then run ./configure;make;make install in the folder above.

Create a repository
Use the included admin tool:
svnadmin create /srv/svn
Access this repository as file:///srv/svn, e.g. to see contents issue:
svn list file:///srv/svn
Use svn import, svn ci & svn co to import your initial project, check-in changes and checkout a project. Run svn help to get full details on these and other commands. I'd also recommend checking out the svn book.

To access this repository over a network some additional steps are required so I'll address that in another post.