Thursday, June 26, 2008

Subversion integration with Eclipse

The latest version of Eclipse, Ganymede, has just been released. I'm a keen Eclipse user, I like having all my programming needs met by one application (mainly thanks to many language plugins available; Perl, Shell, LaTeX etc.).

I'm not going to detail why you might want to upgrade to ganymede as there is plenty on that already. All I will say is that, as with previously releases, only some (in this case 23) of the ~90 projects that make up eclipse are actually releasing new milestones in this release, so your favourite subproject may not be updated at the current time.

For me the most important plugin is subversion (although, personally I feel this should be built in like CVS support). Previously I have used Subclipse, but I thought I'd try Subversive this time around.

Installation is fairly straightforward:
  1. Open Software update
  2. Select the Ganymede update site
  3. From Collaborative Tools pick SVN Team Provider

This doesn't include an SVN connector, which is a show stopper!
  1. Add as a new remote site in software update
  2. For future reference get the latest update site from
  3. Install SVNKit 1.x Implementation, or 2.x if you want to try the beta.
Now you should be good to go. Select SVN from the New Project Wizard, and explore repositories from the SVN Repository Exploring perspective (Window > Open Perspective > Other...)

Subversion users should also note that version 1.5 has also recently been released, and accordingly you will want your clients to run this version.

If Subversive isn't for you Subclipse works fine in Ganymede too.