Friday, December 5, 2008

Compiling Condor 7.1.4

I've blogged previously on the issues with Condor 7.1.1 onwards - essentially openSUSE and Mac/PPC users need to compile themselves. That is fine if you don't get a error in a core component - condor_c++_util.

However, I've found a workaround that seems to work on 7.1.4 (presumably earlier versions as well).

cd src
./configure --disable-glibc-version-check --disable-gcc-version-check --disable-full-port --without-classads --without-gsoap

This works on openSUSE 11.0 (32-bit). I've not had time to test on 10.x or 64-bit, but it should work. The difference to my previous configure options is not to build gsoap. Strangely this compiles fine as a dependency, but condor_c++_util will fail when linking against it. Obviously this is a show stopper if you use soap services (luckily for me I don't).

As for compiling on Mac/PPC, hopefully it will work, however, I couldn't get past build_init, which I could previously. So probably just my machine playing up.